papaya diet

Papaya Diet: Lose Weight With Something Healthy

If you are looking for a way to get a flat abdomen, a steep waist and lose weight, doing the papaya diet is the best choice you can make. Papaya contains many properties that are actually effective in burning fat and speeding up the metabolism. The diet starts with a day of detoxification and then continues for 10 days to achieve permanent weight loss. You will be amazed at the end of the diet, because you will notice your leaner body and firmer muscles, in addition to younger, smoother skin.papaya diet weight loss

Properties of the papaya diet

The papaya diet is very beneficial because of the properties you have this fruit, helping you not only to lose weight but to lead a much healthier life there are numbers studies that talk about the properties that this wonderful fruit has so it is important That people know about it, the properties of the papaya are:

  • It’s low in calories so it’s great for losing weight
  • This fruit helps healing
  • It’s a folic acid source
  • has a high content of vitamin C
  • The worldwide organization I recommend consuming at least 30 grams of this fruit a day since it helps to combat constipation and helps to eliminate the intestinal parasites

Well once you know all the benefits that this wonderful fruit brings to your health, do not wait any longer and add it to your diet

First day of the papaya diet

The first day is the most important to start this diet. What we are going to need is a few fresh papayas and preferably organic it, mineral water, lemon and olive oil. During the morning of the first day we will take two tablespoons of olive oil and drink a glass of water with lemon juice. It may be lukewarm water. This is how the whole digestive system is set in motion for detoxification.

For the rest of the day all you can eat is papaya, all the papaya you want. And of course, you should drink water. The recommended amount is two liters per day. You might get bored eating papaya and want to eat something else. But you should know that if you want to do the right diet papaya, you must follow the rules to get the best results.

Ten days of diet

After the first day of detoxification, we continue with a strict diet for other foods. To start the breakfast part is the most important. We should continue to take the two tablespoons of oil with water and lemon. After that, you have to wait half an hour for a breakfast. Breakfast should include a papaya and may be some infusion or yogurt.

The foods that are going to be able to incorporate have to be low in fats and flours. It is good to drink vegetable broths before the meal to quench hunger. There are myths that fruits get fat and this is not true. Fruits even though they have an amount of sugar, have a lot of fiber that balances sugar intake. In addition the fruit sugar is better used by the body to transform it into energy and does not store it in fat as with other foods