aromatherapy candles

The place of candles in Aromatherapy

Atmospheric diffusion is one of the best options for diffusing essential oils, because it diffuses the essential oils continuously in the atmosphere, and allows to pleasantly aromatize the rooms of the house while taking advantage of the benefits of essential oils. There are now candles with essential oils, which allow a warm and gentle diffusion of oils.

aromatherapy candles

Candles in aromatherapy, a requirement of purity

Beeswax, soy wax, and perhaps also bay laurel wax are often chosen by environment caring people, or by aromatherapy practitioners. People who want to make their own natural candles face some difficulties at choosing the wax. It is advisable to weigh the pros and cons for each variety, taking into account the price matter.

How to choose your candle for aromatherapy?

When buying natural candles for aromatherapy, pay special attention to labels: what type of wax is used? Check that the candle is well scented with essential oils and not scented oils or other synthetic products. Manufacturers of 100% natural or almost 100% natural candles generally highlight the fact that their products are natural.

The quality of the wax: First criterion of choice of a candle of quality
The wax used, the first quality criterion of a candle. There are three types of waxes used in aromatherapy candle making.

Vegetal Wax: It is mainly composed of soy wax, palm, carnauba or jojoba. This wax is ecological and comes from renewable materials. In addition, it contains no herbicides or pesticides. These properties guarantee the absence of toxic emanations. This wax is therefore particularly suitable for people prone to allergies or asthma.
On the other hand, in a temperature too cold, lower than 0 degrees, it can freeze an If it is too hot (over 35 ° C), it begins to melt. Avoid leaving it exposed to the sun in summer. Storage in the refrigerator may be desirable.

Animal Wax: Once widely used, animal waxes are almost no longer used in the manufacture of candles. The first reason is the respect of the species: The whale and the sperm whale from which these waxes were derived, are today species whose hunting is forbidden internationally. The second reason is the cost, especially for beeswax. It is now available only in limited quantities. It is intended primarily for a craft use.

The wick: There are different types of wicks: wicks made of synthetic fibers, cotton, or wood. Avoid synthetic strands. Instead, prefer 100% cotton wicks, which will protect you from toxic fumes and guarantee optimal ignition and durability. There are also candles with several wicks: those ones will allow you an almost instant diffusion of the scent! In addition, you can regulate the combustion according to your desire.

The wooden wicks are very trendy! More particularly adapted to vegetable waxes, they provide the charm of the crackling wick, and add a note of fire to your candle, creating a winter atmosphere.

The fragrances: There are scented candles with essential oils or scented oils. They are mixed with wax during their design. It all depends on this mixture. If you see that a candle does not diffuse its scents during the whole first hour, leave it there! Some manufacturers apply perfume enought perfume on the surface ust to make you smell beautiful at the opening of the box … but nothing after!

Candles hold a very important place in aromatherapy. They stand as a practical source of light or heat, and are capable of diffusing a wonderful therapeutic aroma. It can also be the extra touch that will make a romantic dinner unforgettable. When arranged around a bathtub, they fill the air with their relaxing and soothing smell, and make the bathing experience even more enjoyable. There are even excellent scented candles that turn into massage oil when they melt.

aromatherapy alarm clock

Aromatherapy alarm clock

Most of the alarm clock that are encountered in our life have focused on our sense of hearing. But more and more, the new generation of alarm clocks seem to be interested, for our greatest pleasure, in other senses such as the sight, or the smell, with the essential oils which we are going to address.

Imagine How good it could be to wake up naturally with a ray of sunshine or the smell of a good coffee, or right? If you are the kind of person who stimulated by a scent, the aromatherapy function of these new alarm bells should interest you, this could be the solution for a more dynamic and balanced awakening!

aromatherapy alarm clock

Are the aromatherapy alarm clocks really effective?

There are several types of aromatherapy alarm clocks that available on the market nowadays. The first ones incorporates a diffuser to help you wake up, using a dawn simulator in addition to your favorite essential oils, all without any sound. Some models will also simulate a sunset to help you fall asleep by airing your favorite essential oils.

The second model incorporates a standard audible alarm in addition to the aromatherapy option.
Both will allow you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy at the beginning of the day. This means that you are giving yourself the opportunity to reduce anxiety, increase your energy level, stop potential headaches and strengthen your immune system. You also get an alarm clock that can serve as a bedside lamp and clock.

How to use aromatherapy alarm clocks?

Its use is very simple. You just need to pour a few drops of the essential oil mixture into your diffuser, respecting the number of drops indicated on the leaflet. Broadcast by beach of 30 minutes, in the morning waking preferably. To get up and have some peach in the morning, here are some essential oils that you can use with your aromatherapy alarm clock.

Black pepper scent to start the day!

Yes, black pepper is not just a spice that we use to enhance the taste of our good dishes, it is also an essential oil particularly famous for its tonic properties. It promotes a good general state of form. Do not panic, you arent going to sneeze if you use the right diffusion synergy. The essential oil of black pepper brings a woody and slightly spicy touch to any good mixture.

Peppermint to refresh your mind!

Peppermint is an indispensable tool when it comes to fatigue. Indeed, this essential oil has enough virtues to help you start the day. It is effective against hangovers, and the day after party for example and will also help you to overcome your headache. In addition, menthol found in Peppermint essential oil helps stimulate the heart muscle and increases alertness and concentration!

It is especially handy if you have trouble waking up with your aromatherapy wake up. The smell alone will make your nostrils quiver and naturally trigger a waking cycle. It is a powerful essential oil that has many benefits, including being a pest control.

Fragrances for the morning!

One of the best fragrances to wake up is eucalyptus essential oil, but contrary to a popular belief, ginger does not act only as an aphrodisiac. It is important to know that the essential oil of Ginger is a very good tonic and it has the faculty to stimulate the nervous system. This will allow you to be fully energized in the morning. This essential oil brings to the synergy a fresh and lemony scent; that is ideal to wake up in joy and in a bright mood.