How to extract cbd oil from cannabis

How to extract cbd oil from cannabis and enjoy its benefits

Cannabidiol is one of the compounds that is extracted from the cannabis plant belonging to the group of cannabinoids according to the studies this compound is very useful in the field of medicine for its curative and therapeutic properties, can be used in diseases such as cancer , Chronic pain, arthritis, nausea and others a excellent supplement is Pure CBD. The Cannadidiol has been made in multiple presentations for consumption, but one that has become very popular is in its form of oil and seeing the great usefulness of this product many people have asked how To extract cbd oil from cannabis, some time.

How to extract cbd oil from cannabis Step by stepHow to extract cbd oil from cannabis for pain

There are different ways of how to extract cbd oil from cannabis either through the use of olive oil or pure ethyl alcohol, in the case of pure ethyl alcohol allows the extracting of the highest quality cbd oil but the process is more dangerous, here you will know The two procedures

How to extract cbd oil from cannabis by pure ethyl alcohol

If you want to make CBD oil you must have the following ingredients to carry out the procedure


  • One ounce (28 grams) of dried and crushed
  • Four liters of pure ethyl alcohol
  • A bowl (glass or ceramic).
  • A strainer A container for collecting the filtered liquid.
  • Two pots to bathe Maria
  • Large wooden spoon, silicone spatula, plastic syringe to dispense oil, funnel.


  • You must prepare the space, place all necessary equipment, look for a level work area and make sure it is clean and ready before you start.
  • Place the crushed cannabis in the bowl, making sure there is room for the solvent.
  • Using the wooden spoon, stir the cannabis material with the solvent for three minutes.
  • Place the strainer in the container to collect the filtered liquid, At this point many people repeat the previous steps to extract as much resin as possible
  • Put the filtered liquid into the water bath., Place the water bath on a high heat until the liquid begins to bubble, a sign that the alcohol is evaporating. When it begins to bubble, the fire goes out, the residual heat present will continue to heat the mixture and evaporate the alcohol. If the mixture stops bubbling, it may be necessary to restart the fire once or twice more. The evaporation process usually takes 15 to 25 minutes to complete

You should be very careful with the alchol because it is very volatile.

How to extract cbd oil from cannabis by olive oil

This method is important to know that the cbd oil will not have the same quality as the previous procedure but it is safer.


  • 500 ml of organic olive oil
  • 5 grams of marigold
  • 1 glass container with lid
  • A container vessel
  • strainer
  • 1Pots


  • Fill the basin with half of water and bring to heat over low heat.
  • Pour the olive oil into the basin and add the marijuana buds.
  • Using a wooden spatula you can see the cannabis flowers and mix them with the oil.
  • Leave the basin to heat very slowly for one hour and see the contents occasionally stirring.
  • After 60 minutes remove the pit from the fire and let it cool.
  • When the contents have cooled, insert the saucepan in the refrigerator and let it cool until the oil solidifies and you can stop it
  • After separating the oil let it rest out of the refrigerator at room temperature so that it returns to its liquid state.
  • Finally, pass the resulting oil through a fine strainer to remove residues


The extract cbd oil has great utility the field of medicine is extracted from cannabis by different procedures among which the most used with that of ethyl alcohol and that of olive oil, that of ethyl alcohol makes it possible to extract greater CBD oil Quality but the procedure is more dangerous.

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