aromatherapy for sleep

Essential oils to better sleep

We all need to sleep. Sleep is indispensable to intellectual functions. Indeed, even lying down without sleeping can allow us to recover from physical fatigue but only true sleep is essential to recover our intellectual abilities (learning, adaptation and memorization) … and for having a good day. Sleeping better is a dream for most of us. To fight against the insomnia or any other sleep disorders, you can opt for proved, effective, and natural solutions, like essential oils.

aromatherapy for sleep

Insomnia and sleep disorders, what is it?

Insomnia is a non-restorative sleep: it shows through having trouble falling asleep, and waking up several times during the night, or waking up very early in the morning without being able to go back to sleep. Insomnia problems would affect one in five people. With consequences such as irritability, persistent fatigue, decreased physical performance…

Often insomnia begins with an external stress, work, death, divorce … This stress usually generates anxiety and / or depression. In the adult, personal worries, too heavy dinners, irregular schedules. Obviously, reasons for bad sleep are not lacking in our daily life, but it is important to preserve its sleep regarding its importance in the physical and mental health. It is therefore important not to allow sleep disorders to become so chronic as to become chronic.

Insomnia – How to act with aromatherapy?

Above all, it is important to cherish one’s sleep by adopting a healthy lifestyle. This involves eating habits (light dinner, no alcohol, and quiet activities at night) and bedding (comfortable to change every 10 years). To sleep well, we can also use natural methods, which have proven effective without adverse effects: eucalyptus essential oil, for example.

In bath, at the end of the day, or in diffusion, they will prepare you to fall asleep gently by their double action via the ENT system and the skin. Acting on the physical, nervous and emotional levels, essential oils have calming, relaxing or even sedative properties that will allow you to chase physical and mental tensions to better sink into a restful sleep. Many of them thus are very useful in the fight against insomnia.

Basil essential oil

This essential oil is recommended in cases of insomnia with nervous roots, intellectual overwork, spasms, anxiety, or even spasmophilia and depression. Basil essential oil is a very powerful antispasmodic, acting to calm gastrointestinal spasms, facilitates digestion and soothes gastric pain. It is an essential oil suitable “businessmen” who are continually in a hurry and stressed, becoming insomniac due to many concerns worries.

Clary Sage essential oil

Clary sage has been used for centuries in China, Egypt, South America, etc. Its traditional applications were diverse: to increase fertility, to cure snake bites, to cure warts, etc.

It helps soothe and calm down so you can fall asleep. Its sedative property is quite powerful, which is why it is not recommended to use it if you are going to drive or work. Hypertensive, nervous and stressed people will have it as an effective remedy to help them relax and put themselves in a good sleep situation.

Beware, this essential oil should not be confused with the sage officinal, which is used in the kitchen. If your insomnia is caused by stress or anxiety, you can mix 2 drops of this essential oil with a little vegetable oil and massage your solar plexus.

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