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Aromatherapy diffuser, what is it?

A diffuser is a small device that spreads essential oils in the air. As the essential oil is liquid, we must find a solution to disperse it in the air and transform it into gas, so that we can breathe the particles and enjoy its benefits.

Do not let an atmospheric diffuser run continuously because the active ingredients of the oils are very concentrated. The duration of the diffusion will be determined on the basis that the essential oil will be pure, and according to the mode of diffusion adopted.

How to choose your essential oil diffuser?

diffuser oils

Choosing a diffuser is above all choosing a diffusing technology. Because, depending on the broadcasting technology that you have chosen, your diffuser will be more or less noisy, powerful, robust and durable, or effective from a therapeutic point of view.

There are several major diffusing technologies: nebulized diffusers, the foggers, or ultrasonic diffusers, the diffusers by ventilation.

Each of these diffusion technologies has a specific utility: to propel particles of essential oils into the atmosphere, without heating them to more than 40 ° C! Because beyond this temperature, the aromatic molecules that make up the essential oils and essences are degraded and could become toxic.

Nebulization, what is it?

Nebulization is the most advanced diffusion technology to date. With the fogger, the essential oils are propelled by a pump, vertically through a thin glass nozzle. It is advisable to use it if you want to diffuse essential oils for a therapeutic purpose (disinfection of ambient air, Zen atmosphere, prevention of winter diseases, etc.). In this case, nebulization is indicated! Also if you want to on a large surface, it is the only one that allows a diffusion as powerful, can fill spaces up to 100 m². In a living room, for example, they work very nicely.

In addition, this diffusion is completely cold, and the particles of essential oils are particularly well dispersed during their projection: they are therefore lighter and remain longer than with other technologies.

The foggers, what is it?

Misting diffusers have a much simpler operation than nebulizers. It is particularly indicated if you want to effectively diffuse essential oils, but with minimal power. It is ideal for infusing small areas, in a perimeter of 30 m² for therapeutic effects, or 50 m² to have just an ambient smell.

Fogging is an effective diffusion technology, and they are often cheaper than foggers. And finally, they are very pretty, especially thanks to the fog that emerges.

Ventilation diffusers, what is it?

Ventilation is a very simple diffusing technology that combines robustness and reasonable price. Most ventilation diffusers work with a disposable blotter, on which the essential oils are deposited, and through which a powerful breath of air is passed. It is usually used if you want a small portable diffuser, to accompany you everywhere.

In addition, the fact that the essential oil impregnates the blotter makes this technology essential for all mobile uses of the diffusers. Nomadic broadcasters, car, etc., are very often diffusers by ventilation. Finally, they are very discreet, and their noise is almost inaudible, most of the time.

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