aromatherapy alarm clock

Aromatherapy alarm clock

Most of the alarm clock that are encountered in our life have focused on our sense of hearing. But more and more, the new generation of alarm clocks seem to be interested, for our greatest pleasure, in other senses such as the sight, or the smell, with the essential oils which we are going to address.

Imagine How good it could be to wake up naturally with a ray of sunshine or the smell of a good coffee, or right? If you are the kind of person who stimulated by a scent, the aromatherapy function of these new alarm bells should interest you, this could be the solution for a more dynamic and balanced awakening!

aromatherapy alarm clock

Are the aromatherapy alarm clocks really effective?

There are several types of aromatherapy alarm clocks that available on the market nowadays. The first ones incorporates a diffuser to help you wake up, using a dawn simulator in addition to your favorite essential oils, all without any sound. Some models will also simulate a sunset to help you fall asleep by airing your favorite essential oils.

The second model incorporates a standard audible alarm in addition to the aromatherapy option.
Both will allow you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy at the beginning of the day. This means that you are giving yourself the opportunity to reduce anxiety, increase your energy level, stop potential headaches and strengthen your immune system. You also get an alarm clock that can serve as a bedside lamp and clock.

How to use aromatherapy alarm clocks?

Its use is very simple. You just need to pour a few drops of the essential oil mixture into your diffuser, respecting the number of drops indicated on the leaflet. Broadcast by beach of 30 minutes, in the morning waking preferably. To get up and have some peach in the morning, here are some essential oils that you can use with your aromatherapy alarm clock.

Black pepper scent to start the day!

Yes, black pepper is not just a spice that we use to enhance the taste of our good dishes, it is also an essential oil particularly famous for its tonic properties. It promotes a good general state of form. Do not panic, you arent going to sneeze if you use the right diffusion synergy. The essential oil of black pepper brings a woody and slightly spicy touch to any good mixture.

Peppermint to refresh your mind!

Peppermint is an indispensable tool when it comes to fatigue. Indeed, this essential oil has enough virtues to help you start the day. It is effective against hangovers, and the day after party for example and will also help you to overcome your headache. In addition, menthol found in Peppermint essential oil helps stimulate the heart muscle and increases alertness and concentration!

It is especially handy if you have trouble waking up with your aromatherapy wake up. The smell alone will make your nostrils quiver and naturally trigger a waking cycle. It is a powerful essential oil that has many benefits, including being a pest control.

Fragrances for the morning!

One of the best fragrances to wake up is eucalyptus essential oil, but contrary to a popular belief, ginger does not act only as an aphrodisiac. It is important to know that the essential oil of Ginger is a very good tonic and it has the faculty to stimulate the nervous system. This will allow you to be fully energized in the morning. This essential oil brings to the synergy a fresh and lemony scent; that is ideal to wake up in joy and in a bright mood.

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